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Here is the place where you can find many branded kids apparel such as Gap,Burberry,Guess,Polo and many more at very Affordable price...We assure you that all the items are brand new and in Good Quality..Please feel free to browse through our products...Hope you will find something you like and have a pleasant SHOPPING!!!


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Thursday, October 7, 2010


1st batch PRE-ORDER
( from 01-10-2010 to 15-10-2010 )( ETA within End Early/ Mid November )

** ILA nak bgtau untuk baju2 yg pre-order nie.. stock blum ade dalam tangan tau....So, kalau baju2 tu "out of stock", lambat @ cepat dapat tu semua bergantung kepada supplier....(ILA cuba sedaya upaya untuk dapatkan lebih awal baju2 tu dari supplier k)
**Kalau anda submit Order....sertakan la sekali Nama, Alamat & Phone No. k.....
Setiap order yang ILA dah send Invoice...jangan la sesuka hati nak batalkan....erk huhu!!
** Lepas dapat Invoice....kalau bole bayar la deposit 50% dalam masa 3 hari ye....pastu email kat ILA slip bank @ bukti pembayaran....( senang ila nak update...)
-**Balance yg lagi 50% tu ila akan minta sebelum ila poskan baju2 tu pada anda......

- Kalau ada baju2 yg anda order "out of stock" ila akan inform anda ASAP & ila akan refund duit anda ASAP jugak....
Terima Kasih!!


To All Millions Thanks Dropping By!!!!!

'I hope to see you again in the short future,if you found this site is useful to you please share this with your loved ones...

To serve you better is my mission , thank you for chance given..!!

"thank you"
i'm ila with lots of hugs & kisses....

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